We’re proud to announce the initial release of Water Balloon Drop 2D a few days early!

Find it on our Games page or play now in your browser. Tested in the latest versions of all major browsers (also IE 9!).

There are two levels in total, each with a 45-second time limit for you to cause as much mayhem as possible. We would have loved to do more with this project, but as beginners, we think it’s a better idea to nail down basic game development skills like prototyping, brainstorming, coding, project management (a big one), etc. Along the way, we hope to build a sizable collection of small one-off games under our belt, after which we can hopefully find partners looking to collaborate on a medium-sized project.

We’ll take the next few days to play around with other game development tools that might come in handy in subsequent projects, such as Unity and Construct 2, though ImpactJS might serve our needs just fine depending on the type of game we take on. Before April’s One Game A Month challenge begins, we’ll also put up a post-mortem on WBD examining the scope creep, difficulties and triumphs over the past few weeks.

In the meantime, live out your childhood troublemaking days with Water Balloon Drop. See what happens if you hit the pizza guy!

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