I learned a neat trick today: you can sort of assign indexes to your enums in Unity’s C#.

Real example:

public enum PaddleController { AI = 0, Input1 = 1, Input2 = 2, Input3 = 3, Input4 = 4 };

This allows you to do stuff like refer to “Input2” like so:


It turns out I don’t actually end up taking advantage of this, but probably beneficial to add it to my C# toolbox.

I also spent way too much time today thinking about how to handle the character selection screen.¬†I realized that most fighting games wouldn’t make for a good model, because they almost always max out at 2 players, as opposed to 4. I also looked up footage of recent Mario Kart games, but ultimately ended up going with something similar to the original Ballistix:

Notice that the P2 always occupies the top-right of the portrait, the P3 icon is at the bottom-left, etc. This removes the problem seen when using colored outlines, etc.

Please excuse the placeholder character portraits (and names)

Picking the colors for the four players was simple enough: I used this cool online tool called iWantHue to identify four colors that were as visually distinct as possible, while also accommodating color-blindness.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain that all the setup menus are actually more or less behaving as expected, meaning the immediate next step is to start the gameplay scene with all the correct parameters, such as Game Speed (which I might just remove, or use as a multiplier for ball movement speed) and Time Limit.

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