First off, Happy New Year!

That’s right, “Better Ballistix” will be going by “Pong 4 Pals” for now. It doesn’t have great Google-ability, but it’ll do.

I’ve been working on the menu and setup system, as most of the gameplay part will be relatively straightforward (and much more fun to work on). Turns out controller inputs are kind of a headache, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

Some new things on the technical side that I’ve touched for the first time:

  • A¬†“RulesManager” game object, which is a stripped-down¬†singleton implementation that’s much simpler than any I’ve used before
  • Realizing you can just place a public enum outside of the class so that it becomes global (duh)
  • Get and Set, with data validation checks for Set
  • Loading screens

I believe the game setup is 90% of the way there, before I can start working on the following gameplay items:

  • Repel feature (have to confirm whether it belongs in the game)
  • A better AI
  • How newly spawned balls will actually get onto the board
  • Swapping in the correct character depending on the player

Stay tuned!

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