Last night, I built the current Pong 4 Pals iteration for Windows, and tested it with two wireless Xbox 360 controllers. It did not go as expected:

  • There’s a lot (10+ seconds) of lag/unresponsiveness starting with the title screen when you press A or B to navigate simple menus
  • The loading screen right before actual gameplay took about 10 seconds or so, compared to less than 1 on my Mac
  • The physical Controller 1 seemed to come in as 2, while the physical Controller 2 (especially as indicated by the green corner lights on the controller itself) registered as Controller 1
  • If you opted to play on the “west” side of the board, you still had to use the horizontal axis (left and right) to move up and down, respectively

Weird stuff, and I’m not looking forward to fixing these issues, but it must be done!

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