I’ve been tinkering with the idea of changing our identity away from Tuttle Games, to something else. In a sense, it’s fortunate that we haven’t really gained a solid following so far, because we can sort of start fresh.

So far, the focal point is the word “leaf” due to our surname in Chinese. I also like that it evokes tea, nature, calmness, autumn, etc. We drink a ton of tea, I’m a big fan of hiking and nature walks, and I generally have a relaxed demeanor. Yeah, that’ll work.

The word itself is involved in phrases like “turning a new leaf” or the concept of a page, which makes sense because we always try to push the envelope when it comes to storytelling and gameplay execution.

It’s also short and easy to convey. “Tuttle” is confusing to many, as the childish pronunciation of “turtle” doesn’t quite fit well with two grown adults aiming to make thought-provoking, nuanced games.

Logo-wise, I’d like to implement some geometry that resembles the Chinese radical for “grass” (often numbered 140, for reference). It’s used to write “leaf,” and the plus signs are inadvertently a nod to the d-pad symbol inherent to video gaming.

In other news, I’ve begun a personal productivity habit that I call the “best of 3” system. I set three goals every Sunday night. I keep them very simple yet tangible. They can relate to fitness (“do two sessions of Couch-to-5K”), cooking (“try that tuna-cucumber temaki recipe”), game development (“build first prototype for parking game”), music (“finish the Sombra instrumental beat”), or whatever. Then, I have until the next Sunday night to complete at least 2 out of 3 of them. Whichever one I left behind gets automatically moved to the following week, meaning I only have to think of two new goals.

The beauty of it lies in its simplicity, approachability, and anti-boredom traits. It’s not like I’ll have three goals all related to one thing, encouraging burnout. It’s just three goals (many of them are “one-off” tasks that can be started and finished in one day), not 10. And I’m likely to eventually catch up to any task that has survived multiple weeks of incompletion, because I’ll feel guilty that I’ve neglected it for so long, and maybe both other goals for that week don’t seem palatable anymore.

The rebranding will require some more thought and brainstorming. My next post will outline what my goals were last week, and what came of them.

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