Urban Parking Simulator’s second prototype is out! You can download it now and play with a friend.

You can read more about it on the project page, but I wanted to take some time to jot down a few notes.

The Good

Apart from being able to vent my frustrations about finding parking…

  • Unity’s built-in image effects (from Standard Assets) are actually super cool and easy to use. You just drag and drop, and the different parameters are all very easily manipulated through scripts. It was a lot of fun designing the camera drone view.
  • My “procedurally generated” parked cars came out all right. Basically, the level itself has no parked cars initially. Each block has a script that, at runtime, spawns parked car prefab instances along each of its four sides. Then, another script shuffles all 1000+ of them, and pseudo-randomly picks a handful to be turned into green spots or red spots. If a green spot is too close to the starting point, it will turn red.
  • The drone losing signal when it strays too far from the car works surprisingly well in practice. This encourages players to really cooperate and simply use the drone to peek one block over or so.
  • The time and distance bonus conveniently sets up a money system, meaning players can upgrade their drone/car for better performance and increased bonuses.
  • I hacked together the car “physics” to allow for much better handling (less ice skating)

The Future

Upon revisiting this project someday, my to-do list would probably look like this (starting with the highest priority):

  • Add some rudimentary sort of traffic (other cars that cruise by, pedestrians crossing, stoplights)
  • Implement two actual lanes on two-way streets
  • Randomize the spawn point (“home”) and orientation
  • Allow (or require?) actual parking in the spot
  • Build out money/upgrade system, which in turn unfolds a riveting story about a promising startup (“Uber, but for parking”)
  • Procedurally generate everything, from crosswalk markings to stop signs to one-way signs to varied building dimensions to…

In the meantime, enjoy! Let’s see what we can work on next.

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