Learning Basic Unity Scripting

November 20, 2013General

Just a really quick update: I’m currently on section 10 of 28 in Unity’s Beginner Scripting tutorials. A relatively brief 9-minute video explained dot products and cross products much, much better than the Wikipedia articles I tried reading before.

So far, C# doesn’t seem all too different from JavaScript as far as game dev in Unity is concerned, and I’m crossing my fingers hoping that it stays that way. I actually kind of like the idea (at least for now, in theory) of being much more specific in type declarations and scope, which is a change of scenery given that in ImpactJS, I could access any variable in my entire game from anywhere.

Unity2D: A New Beginning

November 13, 2013General

It’s finally happening! Given the recent release of Unity 4.3, with much more “native” 2D support than before, it was only natural that I snuck a peek at what I can do with it. I’m not sure if a mere Macbook Air will be sufficient for the time being, but hopefully I can manage.

I also hope my beginner Javascript knowledge translates smoothly into learning C# or whatever UnityScript is based on. I’ll definitely be playing with this for a while, and will post noteworthy discoveries on here.

One Tuttle Game A Month

March 16, 2013General

We will be participating in the 1GAM challenge starting next month! Following the common “your first ten games will suck, so get them out of the way” mantra, I figure it’s best to focus on completed, playable, one-off projects as often as possible. In my head is a list of 2-3 “exciting” game ideas that I definitely want to dedicate more time towards, but that can come after I master the skill of rapid prototyping and release.

Look out for Water Balloon Drop 2D v0.1 to come out before the end of the month, then, since we’ll need all of April to work on whatever theme is announced.

Slow and steady

March 6, 2013General

The Tuttle Games dev blog is now open! Please join us in our journey to creating fun experiences for all ages.

You can follow our game development developments on this blog’s RSS feed or our Facebook page (coming soon). The first project on here will be our take on an old Shockwave™ classic: Water Balloon Drop 3D. Stay tuned!