A new beginning

May 3, 2017General, Water Balloon Drop 2D

Back in March, I briefly wrote about a possible rebranding. Now, we’re finally doing it! Terry and I have formed Late Leaf LLC. While that’s the legal name on paper, our Late Leaf Games brand will be our vehicle for developing all sorts of games going forward. This includes:

  • Video/computer games
  • Board/card games
  • Live-action adventure games (sometimes known as “escape rooms”)
  • … And anything else we can think of

This means that we’ll be moving to a brand new website, and activity will pick up on our Twitter account. I’m excited to become a bit more involved in the community and begin releasing more than just prototypes and small concepts. Terry has been tinkering in MagicaVoxel for our first project, which is (appropriately) a blocky voxel version of Water Balloon Drop 2D, which itself was based on an older browser game called Water Balloon Drop 3D. We don’t have a title yet, but it will be a free iOS game.

I’m not sure if we will be keeping this website up (in its current form, at least) as an archive, but look out for one last update in the coming days confirming the new website so you can follow our progress!

Water Balloon Drop 2D Gameplay Video

December 19, 2013Water Balloon Drop 2D

Shout outs to a YouTube user named Alpha Mike who put up a video back in April going over a bunch of 1GAM submissions for March. A buddy of mine linked me to it recently, and it was very fun watching someone not only play/seemingly enjoy my game, but to also see the reactions to certain game mechanics unfold. For example, he catches on to the cop that looks up for you if you hit him, and realizes quickly that you don’t have to hide until the cop actually looks up.


Quick WBD Update

April 6, 2013Water Balloon Drop 2D

Thanks to all (ten or so) of you that played the initial version of Water Balloon Drop 2D! It seems to have received rave reviews from harsh critics such as my mom, so I’m pleased with this first iteration.

That said, I’ve reduced the score threshold for Level 1 a little bit from players who suggested that the first level be made easier in order to avoid getting frustrated and never making it to (or end up learning the existence of) Level 2.

If you haven’t played it already, try it now! The game can be completed in about 90 seconds, so give it a go and let us know your thoughts.

Water Balloon Drop 2D Initial Release

March 25, 2013Water Balloon Drop 2D

We’re proud to announce the initial release of Water Balloon Drop 2D a few days early!

Find it on our Games page or play now in your browser. Tested in the latest versions of all major browsers (also IE 9!).

There are two levels in total, each with a 45-second time limit for you to cause as much mayhem as possible. We would have loved to do more with this project, but as beginners, we think it’s a better idea to nail down basic game development skills like prototyping, brainstorming, coding, project management (a big one), etc. Along the way, we hope to build a sizable collection of small one-off games under our belt, after which we can hopefully find partners looking to collaborate on a medium-sized project.

We’ll take the next few days to play around with other game development tools that might come in handy in subsequent projects, such as Unity and Construct 2, though ImpactJS might serve our needs just fine depending on the type of game we take on. Before April’s One Game A Month challenge begins, we’ll also put up a post-mortem on WBD examining the scope creep, difficulties and triumphs over the past few weeks.

In the meantime, live out your childhood troublemaking days with Water Balloon Drop. See what happens if you hit the pizza guy!

Wrapping Up WBD For March Release

March 18, 2013Water Balloon Drop 2D

Initial Release Date: March 31, 2013

I’ve now added a title screen and a level-success box thing that shows your drop accuracy after you successfully complete a level.

Right now, we’ve got a whopping 7 characters across two levels, each with a time limit of about a minute or less. I’m hoping to add a few more characters in the next two weeks (maybe one or two will be simple palette swaps of really average-Joe pedestrians) and releasing our first version.

Final steps beyond that are to add some simple music and sound effects, and I think that should be it. Home stretch!

Managing Waves (Without A Surfboard)

March 16, 2013Water Balloon Drop 2D

Similar to my first Cowboy Turbo project, Water Balloon Drop 2D features a variety of entities (pedestrians, cars, etc.) that spawn at certain times from certain positions. I’m not really confident that my implementation is very elegant or efficient, but here’s how it works in WBD:

ig.WaveManager is a custom ImpactJS class consisting of the hardcoded wave information for all levels in the game, the current level information, and a spawnOnTime() function. The hardcoded wave information is simply a bunch of objects–one per level–each with three properties organized as arrays: enemies, times, and sources. That means you’ll have a level1 object and a level2 object and so on.