Screenshot #1

March 11, 2013Water Balloon Drop 2D

Yep, it’s about time. Initial screenshot! The most recent additions are the yellow taxi cab and the %-completed in the HUD at the top. Basically Trouble is your score, and you have to hit a minimum amount to win. The percentage is just a quick guide to indicate how far along you are.

Next is to add a few enemies that subtract from your Trouble score. For instance, some really sweaty people who want to cool off… or a homeless person covered in muck, maybe.

Initial character roll call

March 9, 2013Water Balloon Drop 2D

Meet the first four denizens in Water Balloon Drop 2D (by name)…

  1. Cowboy: He’s just on his way to the tavern
  2. Pregnant Lady: You’ll spare her… right?
  3. Pizza Boy: Hit his pizza box and see how he reacts
  4. Policeman: Get the drop on him for maximum points, but don’t get caught!

The Policeman actually adds the first twist in our game mechanics. After you hit him once, he’ll walk around drenched with a random chance of looking up to try to catch the little rascal that did this to him. He’ll either rush to his cruiser to dry off, or stop to scan the rooftop up to two times before giving up. Note that you’ll have to hide (S or DOWN ARROW) when he’s looking up at you! Stay exposed for too long and you’ll lose the level.

The tradeoff here, of course, is that you can hit the Policeman for a ton of points up front, but when he enters his search mode you’re basically tied down to several score-less seconds during which you’re forced to stay motionless. You can obviously mitigate this risk by hitting him when he’s at the edge of the screen about to leave, but then you’d be leaving the middle area, which is obviously most advantageous.