The government has discovered that sending a "likable animal" to collect taxes results in significantly less taxpayer resistance. Sure enough, the people love Bacon, an amicable pig-turned-civil-servant. Help Bacon navigate the sweltering heat by finding the shortest possible route through all the houses in town. Every step counts!

  • 16 puzzling levels
  • Autosave so you never lose your progress
  • Simple point-and-click controls

Genre: Puzzle

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Windows Mac OS X Linux

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How to Play

 Click to travel to houses (to collect taxes) and mud piles (to cool off). Note that you have to visit everything exactly once, except for the starting house, which you must end your journey on. Aim to get the most efficient path possible for all towns!


Built in Unity (Summer 2015), featuring music from Twin Musicom, and sound effects from several generous folks at More information (including the full credits) in the readme file.

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