At Yopaco Limited, Leland and Timothy’s job is to park customers’ cars as quickly as possible. "Parked in five minutes or your money back!" is the motto. Timothy pilots an aerial drone to find rare street parking space while Leland drives there before competing drivers can take the spot. Earn extra money for parking faster or closer to the customer’s home. Use that cash to make your jobs easier by buying upgrades for your drone. Two player local co-op fun, guaranteed!

  • Randomized parking spots each time
  • Scoring based on time and distance

Genre: Arcade/Cooperative

Download (~20 MB)

Windows Mac OS X

How to Play

Driver:  Use WASD to navigate the car.

  • Red spots are in front of driveways or fire hydrants (you can't park there)
  • Green spots are valid parking spots
  • Don't turn the wrong way into a one-way street
  • Don't hit other cars

Drone Pilot: Use arrow keys to navigate the camera drone.

  • Communicate with your driving partner to suggest open-looking spots
  • Don't send your drone too far from the car and lose signal (if you do, have your driver circle back to get in range again to re-gain control)
  • The drone has a very limited battery life (3 minutes), so make the most of it!


Built in Unity (early 2017), featuring music from Little Glass Men, and a logo made with icons from the Noun Project. More information (including the full credits) in the readme file.

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