Do you have what it takes to ruin everyone's day? School is out, summer is in! The people of Pollocksville are strolling around on this hot summer day, and they need a little bit of mischief to brighten up your day. It's up to you to relieve your own need for snickering fun by dropping big fat water balloons over people's heads. But watch out! Some people will thank you for your help, and who wants that? Now get out there and splash some poor suckers!

Genre: Arcade

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How to Play

Move with  left/right or A/D, and drop water balloons with Space or Enter.

Cause as much trouble as possible, but watch out for police officers! Although hitting them will result in a lot of mayhem, duck and hide by pressing down or S if they start looking for you.


  • Homeless bums who could use a quick shower
  • Construction workers looking to cool off
  • Stray dogs because they're too cute


Written in ImpactJS for One Game A Month (March 2013).

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